Should You Re-key Your Home’s Locks?

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Did you know that a good locksmith can re-key your locks. You do not always have to replace the locks in your home.  Re-keying the locks may be a better option for you and you may not have been aware of it.

What is re-keying?   Let’s go over the difference between re-keying your locks and replacing them all together.  Then you can decide if you will need to call a locksmith to provide that service.


When re-keying a lock, the locksmith will remove the springs and pins in the lock cylinder and replace them with new pins and springs that work with a different, new key. This can work for most any lock, unless the lock is malfunctioning or if it is a totally different style of lock. Re-keying the lock works perfectly well or better than before.

One of the most common reasons for re-keying your home’s locks is to maintain control over the property. For example, in the event that a tenant moves out of a property but retains the keys. A landlord can call a locksmith to re-key the lock so that new keys can be given to a new tenant without the possibility of the old tenant being able to access the property.

Rekeying your home’s locks gives you back control of your property.  Whoever has had a key before will not longer be able to enter.

Regaining Control

Having control of your home’s key is important especially in many cases.  Contractors working on building houses often have the keys.  It is important to change the keys in case any of the previous workers still have a copy. 

If you buy a house that someone else was living in previously, it’s a good idea to re-key the locks. You want to be sure that only  trusted people that you know have entry to your brand new home. Re-keying locks on a home that was owned previously helps you to ensure that only you and the family members you trust have the keys that can grant entry to your house.

If you have moved into a newly constructed home it’s best to have those master pins removed to avoid the possibility of someone accessing your home.

Lost your keys

If you have lost house keys, re-keying your locks is vital to keeping your home safe. A stranger can enter your home  and that is a big risk.  Key rings often have access or information about the address.  Thieves often steal wallets and purses along with keys. Re-keying the locks and getting new keys is the best way to make sure that you and your loves ones remain safe in this ordeal.

Inspection and Correction

An experienced licensed professional locksmith can also use re-keying to repair issues with locks. A lot of problems can be solved without the need of replacing the locks of your home.

For example, some locks just need lubrication to operate more smoothly. No matter your locksmithing needs, re-keying or full replacement, you can depend on NELA Locksmith for 24/7 emergency services as well as scheduled appointments.

Should you have any questions, or require help determining which option is right for you, an experienced NELA Locksmith technician can help you.  We have extensive experience and trained and certified technicians available.

If you have moved into a new home recent or are dealing with a lock that is sticking or problematic, call us today. We not only handle residential locks but commercial and automotive as well.

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