Top Tips to DIY Rekeying a Lock Near Me


Rekeying is a great way to upgrade the locking system. This works when you lost your keys and need to ensure that nobody can enter the house. You can even use this method when you have moved into a new rental space. Rekeying a lock near me will upgrade the security and make sure that no one else has keys to your place.

rekeying a lock near me

There are several reasons to rekey your home locks. We have identified a few reasons that we will be listing here.

  1. The first reason, as mentioned earlier, is to upgrade the security of the space you are living. You can ensure that the previous homeowners or their people cannot enter your space. It is a major reason to rekey the locks as soon as you enter a pre-owned property
  2. If your locks are bulky and have a lot of keys, you can rekey it to reduce the number of keys. This would reduce the burden of remembering the keys to the locks
  3. In case you have lost the keys or someone has stolen them, you might want to rekey. This would ensure nobody can access the place with the lost keys.
    You must prepare the door and the knobs before proceeding with house or mobile car keys replacement near me. We have curated the DIY steps that can help rekey the traditional locks without external support. This will help you when you don’t have a locksmith around to help with rekeying.
  4. The first step is to remove the door knob. For this purpose, you must ensure that the holes in the cylinder are aligned. To remove it, turn the key to the right and the knob to the other side. Use the remover tool from your kit to get the doorknob off the door. This is the first step to prepare the door for rekeying.
  5. When you are rekeying a lock near me, you must also remove the cylinder that is placed within the knob. This would ensure that all parts of the lock are properly removed and uninstalled. This would give more space for rekeying.
  6. At the same time, you must also remove the c-shaped clip. This is the portion that holds the knob and key in place. It plays a pivotal role in keeping the door locked. You will find a tool inside the toolkit to remove this part as well.
  7. Next, before rekeying you must remove the existing plug for the key. While you are doing this, ensure you don’t touch the follower tube. This way you would keep the springs and pins in place. Don’t let them out till it is time to remove them as well.
  8. Lastly, you must remove the old pins on the door, and add new ones to it. you will find enough tweezers and other tools to remove and reinstall the pins to the door.
  9. Now that you have added the new pins, it is time to add the portions you have removed. This would include the plug and clip ring. Once these portions are in place, you can add the knob to the door.

Before you put the tools back in the kit, make sure to test the new locking system. Following these steps can help with DIY mobile car keys replacement near me.

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