Benefits of hiring a Locksmith for Your Rental Properties

The locks on your rental property are the single most important factor on which your tenant’s safety and security rely on. Locks offer the first line of defense against all kinds of threats and intrusions. They must be sturdy enough to shield the tenants from harm, ensure their privacy, and be simple enough to use….

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Lost Car keys? NELA does Auto Locksmith Los Angeles


Losing car keys can be a very frustrating experience. It can be a major disturbance to anybody. Your wallet may hurt as a result. Car key replacement service very many times can be quite costly. Everybody knows how expensive dealership car key replacement prices can be. The costs of vehicle towing can add up as…

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Rekeying or Changing the Lock: What Should You Do

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

When you move into a new home, lose a set of keys, or just want the keys for your home’s locks to match, your first instinct is probably to change the locks. What many people don’t know is that there’s a second option: rekeying. This can be a much cheaper and more practical option than…

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Choosing Locks for Your House

Locksmith Service in Los Angeles

The locks on your doors in your house or office will protect you and your belongings. Keep in mind that there is no single type of lock that can work for every door. Each lock is built with a specific purpose in mind. If you are not sure what type of lock is perfect for…

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What To Do When You’re Locked Out of Your Car

Locked Out of a Car

Okay, you are going to need a metal rod, a doorstop, and.. okay, we’re kidding! Please don’t break into your own car. Not only can you cause unintended damage to the vehicle, but you can even hurt yourself in the process. Locking yourself out of your car is many things: annoying, frustrating, inconvenient, embarrassing even,…

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What to Keep in Mind When Contacting a Locksmith


No one thinks about locksmiths until they need one, and such circumstances are rarely calm ones. When it comes to contacting locksmith services, you don’t really find yourself in the headspace to think too much about it. You’re probably frustrated about having misplaced your keys and are looking for the job to just be done….

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How To Find A Good Locksmith

Emergency Locksmith in Los Angeles

Have you locked yourself out of your car? Or locked yourself out of your house? Have you been burgled? It happens. Don’t beat yourself up. The best and most careful of us lock themselves out of their premises and cars every single day. Even if it is not happening to you right now, it could…

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Should You Re-key Your Home’s Locks?

Rekey Your Home’s Locks

Did you know that a good locksmith can take the time to determine whether you will need to re-key your home’s locks or replace them? You may only be aware of locks needing to be changed but there are instances where re-keying your locks might be the better option. Before you find yourself in a…

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Choosing a Locksmith Service

a Los Angeles Locksmith

All it takes is for one instance to occur to wake you up. Whether it is with your car or your home, that one time you are locked out or have a lock break on you, you will curse yourself because you do not know who to call for help. Most of us take the…

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What To Do When You Lock Your Keys Inside Your Car

It’s happened to everyone—you get out of your car, distracted and busy, only to realize that you’ve locked your keys inside. It’s natural to panic. With your keys locked in the car, you’re stuck—and if you’re not at home, you may feel trapped. But if this should happen to you, keep calm. There are some…

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